October 13, 2009

Michael Buble - Today Show 10/13/2009

Now ya'll know I love Michael Buble, but ummm, what was the deal with the torn jeans on the Today Show this morning? It was disturbing... his stylist should have known better than that. He's back to the more clean cut look (except the jeans) and he's lost quite a bit of weight. He looks healthy. I noticed it when he was on Oprah last week, but it was even more obvious this morning.

I'm really anxious to get this CD. I want to get the MP3 download, but I also like to have something to hold on to...something real, not just digital. I actually picked it up in the store Saturday when I was running errands and such, but I put it back. Guess I was just not ready yet.

September 30, 2009

OH! The Drama

Seems as if I have spent the better part of this year putting out one dramatic fire after another, but I must say that my resolve has been thoroughly tested in since July 2009.  It has been a back to back stream of issues that had the potential to drive me insane.

Just when it seemed as if everything was under as much control as possible, another shoe dropped.  We have a leak!  Yes water is leaking... the arrow on the water meter was spinning fast even though no one in the house was using water.  The bad news is that this has resulted in a $245 water bill, the good news is that the leak is NOT in the house (phew)!  It was strategically hidden slightly under ground at an outdoor faucet.  Even though the ground appeared to be intact and dry, we discovered that once the top soil was disturbed, it fell away and revealed a large puddle... like a mini-sinkhole.

Oh well, at least it can be fixed without the need for a plumber.

September 24, 2009

Starting From Scratch

Time to begin again. I'm revisiting Chelle's Spot Blog because sometimes I find I DO have things to say that are only appropriate here, so we'll see how it goes.